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Lose up to 2 Sizes in 10 Minutes! Call Izzy Now! An Appointment with Ardyss Will Change Your Life! 

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This is the first original English-speaking website approved by Sr. Antonio Diaz De Leon in 2002.

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This site is owned and created by Steve & Izzy Martinez, Founders of Ardyss America & the World, Independent Ardyss Distributors since 2002. And has been approved by Ardyss Compliance in 2012.

We have the fastest-growing, English-speaking organization, with Independent Distributors in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, McAllen, Andrews, Lufkin, and Hidalgo, Texas; also in Hobbs, New Mexico; Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Iowa; Kansas City & St. Louis, Missouri; Charleston, South Carolina; Baltimore, Maryland; Pennsylvania; California; Chicago, Illinois; Louisiana; Arizona; Anchorage, Alaska; Trenton, New Jersey; Wisconsin; Walla Walla, Washington, and Puerto Rico!! We now have Independent Distributors in England, Papau New Guinea, and Abuja & Lagos, Nigeria. But we were robbed by someone in Ireland.

We are the originals: Ardyss America and the World.

This is not a Corporate site for Ardyss International.

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