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Izzy Martinez is a Fashion Designer. She is also a jewelry designer.
For many years she specialized in making plus-sized women look beautiful for their special occasions.
Having seen enough, she was very excited to discover the Ardyss International line of Reshaping Garments.
She inspected the Ardyss Reshaping garments for their quality and was very pleasantly surprised at the excellence in their construction.
The very first time Izzy tried on an Ardyss Garment, she knew that she had found a great new product in which she could believe, and share with others.

Izzy decided to become an Independent Distributor.
Being bilingual was a real plus, since all of the Ardyss materials were in Spanish.
Izzy and her husband of now 35 years,
Steve, took on the monumental task of translating all of the Ardyss literature,
including the Business Catalog, advertising,
and even the New Distributor's contracts.
Simply put, if we did not believe in the quality of the Ardyss products and the Ardyss Company,
we would not have founded our own Independent Distributorship.

Our group, Ardyss America, is the largest, fastest growing, longest lasting, English-speaking group.

Izzy has been asked to speak about her Ardyss Success many times.
Millionaire's Clubs, Mastermind groups and other similar businesses have hosted time with her

With all that she has going on, Izzy still insists on personally answering the phone.
She will take the time to be sure that her customers and other independent representatives get their questions answered.

If you have a question about any of the Ardyss products, or would like to talk to Izzy about starting or re-starting your own business,
you may call her right now at 713-582-2468.


An Appointment with Ardyss will Change your Life.