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Izzy Shows How to Measure

Measuring Instructions for ordering your Ardyss Garments

1. Bust Measurement:

Measure from the center front of the breasts, at the apex (the highest point of the breasts), then pull it snug, not tight. Record that measurement on your chart on #1.

2. Thorax Measurement: Step 1

You will need to stand behind the person to measure their thorax. First, with your measuring tape in one hand, place both hands around the front of the person just underneath the breasts.

Thorax Measurement: Step 2

Slide the measuring tape with one hand pulling the end around to the center of the back, about the width of 3 fingers above the waist.

Thorax Measurement: Step 3

This is a picture of what I mean by the three finger widths.

Thorax Measurement: Step 4

Pull the other end of the tape around the body to the center of the back to meet with the beginning of the tape and ...

...pull the tape snug. Now you have the correct measurement of the thorax. Be sure to record the measurement on their chart.

3. Waist Measurements:

To find the correct waist of a person you must see where the elastic of the pants or underwear is resting.  The elastic will usually rest where the person's body bends naturally.   If you are not sure that is where the person's waist is, have them bend forward, like they are going to touch their toes. Where the body bends, that's their waist. Then have them bend to the right side. Where the body bends, you will see the fold of the side. That is the side measurement of the waist. Have them bend to the other side also.   Have them put their finger on those 2 side spots and that's where you are going to place your measuring tape. 

4. Hip Measurements:

Check to see if the person's tummy is bigger than the hip.  If it looks bigger than the hip then you will make that comment on the Customer Card and use the widest measurement. 
If the Hip is bigger than the tummy then write that measurement. This will help you determine which Reshaping Garments you will recommend to this customer.

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